Pbs048_NEWS_Oregon removes Vape Ban, but only for Nicotine products?!

Oregon responded to the vaping crisis by banning all flavored vaping products, giving companies 2-weeks’ notice to get them off the shelves. Only 2 days after the ban took effect, nicotine companies have already been granted an appeal - but flavored THC products are still prohibited. We discuss the reasoning behind this ban appeal and what was wrong with the ban from the start.
One Article Discussed
[1] “Oregon appeals court halts governor’s vaping ban on flavored tobacco products” from The Oregonian

Pbs047_NEWS_Is Colorado Properly Banning Vape Products?

In the wake of the vaping crisis, several states have rolled out very different bans against ingredients & vaping as a whole. Critics of these bans say that they don’t address the real problems. Colorado, the most mature legal cannabis market in the US, is working on a ban of the 3 most commonly identified problem additives in cartridges - and leaving flavored products alone. Is this the best approach to protect public health? We discuss the current state of the vaping crisis in this quick episode.
One Article Discussed
[1] “Colorado proposes rules to ban additives in cannabis vape products” from Marijuana Business Daily

Pbs046_Does Full Spectrum matter for Hemp CBD Products?

In the world of High-THC cannabis, "hemp" is often considered chemically inferior. While cannabis and hemp are technically the same plant, the terpene production on historically industrial hemp is not nearly as broad as its psychoactive cousin - but hemp breeders are working to change that. This article reviews a scientific study of the major terpenes in most hemp varieties used in CBD products, and how the boom in craft hemp may greatly expand the profile of terpenes available in future hemp & CBD products.
One Article Discussed
[1] “Terpenes in Hemp” from Terpenes & Testing Magazine

Pbs044_The Downside of Federal Legalization

We must eventually get to Federal Legalization and access to cannabis for all! But how we get there will determine if small and medium size businesses can not only survive, but thrive. Interstate Commerce & Exporting isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, we discuss some of the downsides to prepare for in this episode.
One Article Discussed
[1] “The Problem with Oregon’s Plan to Export Marijuana to Other States” from Marijuana Business Daily (Digital Copy Not Yet Available)

Pbs043_Cannabis Derived vs Synthetic Cannabinoids

As the cannabis industry continues to expand exponentially, companies are looking for ways to produce cannabinoids cheaply & quickly. This has led to a boom in synthetic cannabinoid production - but will legacy cannabis consumers accept cannabinoids made in a lab? We discuss the pros and cons of synthetic cannabinoids, and how they stand to reshape the cannabis industry.
One Article Discussed
[1] “The Battle is Set: Man-made vs. Natural Cannabinoids” from Marijuana Business Daily

Pbs042_NEWS Vaping Crisis, New Culprit & Oregon Ban

More states have taken action to protect public health against the growing vaping illness reports. Governor Kate Brown has banned the sale of flavored vaping products in Oregon - but a new study by the Mayo Clinic suggests that flavoring agents & oils may not be the sole culprit. We’ll review what the Mayo Clinic found in the lung tissues of those sickened by vaping, and how it could impact the bans going into effect.
Two Articles Discussed
[1] “New Study Provides Clues Behind The Vaping Illness Outbreak” from The Fresh Toast
[2] “Oregon bans flavored vape products, including those with marijuana, for six months” from MJ Biz Daily

Pbs041_NEWS Update on Vaping Crisis & State Bans

Nearly every US State now has at least 1 reported illness linked to vaping. State regulators are taking action, with some banning vaping outright until the causes are found. These bans will have profound impacts on all segments of the cannabis industry if enacted. We cover 2 articles discussing the current status of state vaping bans & the potential fallout on producers, processors, and retailers alike.
Two Articles Discussed
[1] “Did your State Ban Vaping?” from Leafly
[2] “A Vape Ban would Crush Oregon Cannabis Oil Extractors” from Willamette Weekly

Pbs040_How to find Better Opportunities in Cannabis

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing market segments in the world - that means a boom of jobs, and lots of applicants joining the Green Rush. Whether you're already working as a budtender & want to plan your next career move, or you're not yet working in cannabis but you want to be, it can be daunting to try to break into such a new & unique industry. We'll cover tactics to set yourself up for success during job interviews, what research you should do to stand out, and where you should look for opportunities in cannabis.
One Article Discussed
[1] “Things you Should Know to Get a Job in the Cannabis Industry” from Testing & Terpenes Magazine

Pbs039_8% THC is ‘Extremely’ Potent

Federally-backed cannabis research is extremely limited, and its plant material can only come from a single farm in Mississippi at this time. That farm has come under fire for failing to represent the actual cannabis on the market - in fact, their leader says there is "no good reason" for THC percentages beyond 8%. This article examines how current federal research is failing cannabis consumers, the application of different THC percentages, and how they relate to changing consumer preferences.
One Article Discussed
[1] “Head of only Federal Marijuana Farm thinks 8% THC Marijuana is ‘Extremely’ Potent” from Marijuana Moment