Pbs032_How Terpenes Fight Anxiety

Cannabis can relieve anxiety, but it can also cause anxiety, why is that? Is it solely from consuming too much THC? Which Terpenes play a role in relieving anxiety? This episode provides clarity for Budtenders to help Customers looking to relieve anxiety.
One Article Discussed
[1] “Terpenes and Anxiety” from Terpenes & Testing Magazine

[(chiefly of a drug) used to reduce anxiety]
Etiology [the cause, set of causes, or manner of causation of a disease or condition]
Agonist [a substance which initiates a physiological response when combined with a receptor]
Antagonist [a substance that interferes with or inhibits the physiological action of another]

Pbs031_Social Media versus Cannabis

Many Budtenders are running their Dispensaries social media program. Building a social media audience is one of the best ways to get brand exposure and develop loyal customers. However, having that account removed after all that money and effort can be frustrating to put it lightly. We discuss the cannabis landscape on social media & big tech.
One Article Discussed
[1] “Big Tech Buzzkill: How Silicon Valley is Failing Cannabis” from Dope Magazine

Pbs029_Getting your Customers the Right Product

Getting the right cannabis product at the right price for the best experience possible is everyone’s goal. However buying the highest THC % for the lowest price might not be the best option for your Customers. In this episode we discuss how your Customers can get the most value for their dollar.
One Article Discussed
[1] “If you’re Buying your Weed Solely Based on THC Level, you’re Doing it Wrong” from Medium

Pbs027_How to Upsell your Customers

Upselling your customers correctly can be a challenge. If done wrong it can lead to a negative customer experience. In this article we discuss strategies for upselling that your customer will enjoy! If done properly it can increase revenue at your dispensary and your own pay as well.
One Article Discussed
[1] “Top 10 Tips to Upsell your Customer at your Cannabis Dispensary” from Marijuana Retail Report