Cannabis Science 101: From Novice to PRO


Cannabinoids, Terpenes, Hemp, THC, CBD, Full Spectrum
What are these and how do they influence your cannabis experience?
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Part 1: Cannabis Basics

parT 2: Products & Dosing

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Science of Cannabis Episodes

Pe112 Vaping Crisis with Emma Chasen part_2

We further expand on recent reportings of vaping illnesses and deaths by discussing what consumers should look out for, considerations for processors, questions Budtenders might get asked, different cannabis extraction methods and full spectrum vs distillate vs isolate for vaping with Emma Chasen.

Pe111 Vaping Crisis with Emma Chasen part_1

Numbers for illnesses and deaths possibly caused by vaping are increasing. Why this is happening has yet to be fully discovered. Our guest is Emma Chasen of Eminent Consulting, we discuss an overview of reported cases, science of potential causes, current regulations on cartridge ingredients and other key points for clarity on what is happening with vaping.

Pe109 Cannabis for Dementia, Brain Health & Older Adults

The Science of Cannabis is evolving quickly, and new discoveries are showing its use as a neuroprotectant in preventing and possibly reversing Dementia in Older Adults. It seems like the group of people that can be helped the most by cannabis also have the most stigma they must overcome. Our guest is Linda Jacobson, Founder of Elders Together and we discuss how cannabis is one of the keys that may allow us to live a quality life past the age of 120.

Pe106 International Research on Cannabis

Research on the Science of Cannabis is expanding quickly. While new discoveries are being made faster than ever, how these new findings will be integrated into commercial cannabis products is a new frontier. We discuss the past, present and future research & studies that will shape the future of cannabis with our guest Jahan Marcu, Director of Experimental Pharmacology and Behavioral Research at

Pe101 What’s next for Cannabis Science?

What do we really know about the Science of Cannabis and what don’t we know? Can we quantify the medical benefits of the plant? What new cannabis studies and research are on the horizon? We mix science and business in this episode with our guest, Ben Armstrong, Ph.D., Lab Director for Juniper Analytics.

Pe095 The Science of Growing Organic Cannabis

Our guest, Jeff Lowenfels, has the longest running garden column in North America, having never missed a week in 41 years! Is white ash = quality a myth? Will autoflowering cannabis be the future for home growers and/ or commercial operations? What is the soil food web? Why should we care about organic growing practices? We discuss all those items and more!

Pe092 Science of Cannabis Series_12

Why do some people not feel the effects of edibles? What are the effects of THC when using cannabis across different consumption methods? How do terpenes affect your experience when consumed orally? And how can Budtenders communicate the Science of Cannabis to consumers? We answer these questions and more with Emma Chasen from Eminent Consulting.

Pe083 Science of Cannabis Series_11 (Part 2)

Will the FDA regulate CBD products and set the precedent for THC products? How does nano encapsulated THC work? We answer these questions and more with Emma Chasen from Eminent Consulting.

E075 Science of Cannabis Series_10

Back with Emma Chasen from Eminent Consulting for another Science of Cannabis podcast. This episode focuses on the 2018 Farm Bill, how you can tell the difference between indoor and outdoor cannabis, sales techniques for budtenders and how cultured high-purity cannabinoids from yeast could disrupt the industry!

Pe082 Science of Cannabis Series_11 (Part 1)

What is nano encapsulated THC and how does it work? Will other minor cannabinoids become more popular than CBD? Do terpenes effect you the same when orally consuming versus inhaling? We answer these questions and more with Emma Chasen from Eminent Consulting.

E063 Science of Cannabis Series_09

Another great conversation with Emma Chasen on the Science of Cannabis. We discuss some new topics and go deeper on previously discussed topics like industrial hemp versus craft hemp, what CBD-A could do for people and why THC-A could be an amazing add on to CBD for consumers wanting the medicinal benefits without getting high.

E064 University pursues Cannabis Research

Intriguing conversation with Dr. Charles Pollack from The Lambert Center at Thomas Jefferson University. They are pushing the boundaries of cannabis science and research in the university setting. We discuss western medicine’s approach to cannabis, your body’s endocannabinoid system and new studies on the medical applications for cannabis.

E054 PhD Neuroscientist & Endocannabinoid System

Amazing talk with Dr. Michele Ross, a PhD Neuroscientist, on the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) in our own bodies. We discuss why Dr. Ross became interested in cannabis, her new book, the research she has been doing on the ECS along with new findings and the difference between phyto-cannabinoids and endogenous-cannabinoids.

E045 Science of Cannabis Series_08

Informative talk with Mary, Founder of Sativa Science Club and Jason, Editor in Chief of Terpenes and Testing Magazine. We go deep down the science rabbit hole! We talk terpenes, minor cannabinoids, why strain names mean nothing relative to predicting effects and how people can participate in the cannabis research revolution!!

E034 Science of Cannabis Series_06

Another great talk with Emma Chasen on the Science of Cannabis. We discuss a new article published by Dr. Ethan Russo and Dr. Caroline MacCallum titled “Practical Considerations in Medical Cannabis Administration and Dosing”. We also cover a stream of technical questions we received from listeners.

E039 Science of Cannabis Series_07

LIVE Audience Q&A Podcast on the Science of Cannabis. We cover the struggle cultivators and retailers are facing on high THC% versus a high Terpene profile and ideas for education initiatives to help inform consumers. Joining us on the podcast panel was Emma Chasen, Lee Henderson from HiFi Farms and Cedar Hughes-Blades from Moss Crossing.

E024 Science of Cannabis Series_04

Back for Round 4 in our Science of Cannabis Series with Emma Chasen. We revisit the dichotomy of Sativa and Indica classifications, why education is so critical and what we can all do to empower ourselves and others. 

E026 Science of Cannabis Series_05

Topic: The Life Cycle of Cannabis Compounds. Live Audience Q&A Podcast with Emma and Mary from Sativa Science Club. We talk about what happens to Cannabis Cannabinoids, Terpenes and Flavonoids post harvest from curing to processing to consumption and the effects we experience.

E019 Science of Cannabis Series_03

Another great talk with Emma Chasen. Why does lower THC flower with a good terpene profile win first place at competitions but struggle to sell in stores? We cover craft growing practices, terpene concentrations, the entourage effect and why high THC isn’t everything.

E021 Neuroscientist Develops Cannabis App

Loved this talk with Dr. Adie Poe, Neuroscientist and Co-Founder of Habu Health. We discuss her knowledge of drug pharmacology, clinical trials, pain biology, the brain’s mechanisms of addiction and how her new business will transform the selection and consumption of cannabis.

E006 Science of Cannabis Series_01

“Why is Education Critical to the Cannabis Industry?” Wayne, Mary and Emma have an audience Q&A session after discussing the industry’s approach to education and what it means for consumers.

E012 Science of Cannabis Series_02

Topic: The Science of Cannabis Consumption Methods. We have an audience Q&A session after discussing the reasons behind different consumption methods and what consumers should look for and avoid when using cannabis.