E042 Ed Rosenthal, The Guru of Ganja

Honored to interview Ed Rosenthal, a pioneer in the cannabis industry! Ed wrote for High Times in the 80s and 90s. He has written multiple books on cannabis cultivation, processing, extracts, concentrates and has sold over 1 Million copies. Ed is releasing a follow-up book to Beyond Buds, a guide to Marijuana Extracts and Cannabis Infusions.

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E041 Growing a Mission-Driven Dispensary

Great talk with Brock Binder, Founder and Owner of High Quality, a cannabis retailer in Corvallis, Oregon. Brock launched his business in 2014 along with a grow operation. We discuss how Brock started the business, what they are doing to stay competitive in the market, education and some amazing customer stories on how cannabis changed their life!

JOB OPPORTUNITIES: High Quality is growing and hiring for multiple positions (discussed in episode). Email them at careers@highquality.life if you’re interested!

E039 Science of Cannabis Series_07

LIVE Audience Q&A Podcast on the Science of Cannabis. We cover the struggle cultivators and retailers are facing on high THC% versus a high Terpene profile and ideas for education initiatives to help inform consumers. Joining us on the podcast panel was Emma Chasen, Lee Henderson from HiFi Farms and Cedar Hughes-Blades from Moss Crossing.

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E038 Getting Beyond Business Plateaus

Good talking with Hunter Caputo, CEO of The Caputo Group. Hunter brings great insights from his past experience of supporting and growing businesses inside and outside of cannabis. We cover finances, HR support, distribution, planning for federal legalization and what it takes to move beyond plateaus that every business hits.

Companies and Brands we reference ORCA, CCA, NCIA, Oregon Sungrowers Guild, Canna Help You.