E050 Cannabis Science 101: From Newbie to Novice 1of2

This is a really special episode! Not just because it’s our 50th Episode, but because it should help the most amount of people. This talk with Emma Chasen is a great primer into Cannabis Science for everyone - your Grandma, your Friends, your Local Budtender. This Episode will provide a solid foundation of Cannabis knowledge for the beginner. Please Share!

Go to this page for more knowledge and past Episodes with Emma www.periodiceffects.com/101

E047 Raising $33.5MM with Reverse IPO

Great talk with Jesse Peters, CEO of Eco Firma Farms, a cannabis cultivation facility in Oregon. Jesse recently took his company public and raised $33.5 Million using a Reverse IPO, joining the Canadian Stock Exchange. We talk all about it!

We first had Jesse on in Episode E020, link here if you’d like to listen. We also had him on for a special episode on college advice for students wanting to get into cultivation, E022 link here.
JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Eco Firma is hiring for many different positions. A great opportunity to join a company that is definitely growing! Discussed at end of episode.

E046 Who is the Cannabis Consumer?

Insightful talk with Linda Gilbert, Managing Director of BDS Analytics, a data-driven company offering cannabis consumer insights. We discuss who the average cannabis consumer is, how different states vary in their demographics and what products are working in the cannabis industry.

If you’re interested in learning more about the edibles business, check out our eBook, “8 KEYS: How to Launch a Successful Cannabis Edibles Business” at www.periodiceffects.com/ebook