Pe119 Merging Cannabis Science & Technology for Mainstream Adoption

How is science different from technology? And why are these merging around cannabis to usher in the new frontier? Our guest is Ruth Fisher, Ph.D., Author of “The Medical Cannabis Primer” and Co-Founder of Cann Dynamics. We discuss the potential futures of cannabis and what it will take for the adoption and use of cannabis to move into the mainstream.

INVESTOR OPPORTUNITY: Discussed at end of episode.

Pe118 Craft Cannabis Insights & What’s Wrong with Vaping Bans

A lot of insights in this episode. How small businesses can win as big money moves into cannabis. What’s wrong with the Vaping Crisis Bans. Defining “Craft Extracts” and what Dispensaries & Budtenders should consider for vape products on their shelves. Our guest is Mitra Sticklen, COO & Co-Owner of OM Extracts.

JOB OPPORTUNITY: OM Extracts & Farms is looking to hire in Southern Oregon, discussed at end of episode.

RESEARCH OPPORTUNITY: OM is also looking for Scientists interested in research projects, discussed at end of episode.

Pe116 Marketing a Sustainable Cannabis Farm

This episode has 2 Parts - 1. The story of building a business from scratch and the unknown unknowns that could take you out, 2. Insights on marketing cannabis flower & CPG products. Our guest is Julia Jacobson, CEO & Co-Founder of Aster Farms, a sustainable cannabis farm in Northern California who previously launched a Tech Company, went through TechStars incubator and then sold the business.

JOB OPPORTUNITY: Aster Farms is hiring for multiple positions, discussed at end of episode.

Pe115 Cannabis Industry BS Detector

The cannabis industry is moving quickly and the perspective from legacy operators can provide many insights on a proper path forward. Our guest is Kristen Yoder, Advisor and Founder of Soil to the Oil, who’s been working in the California industry for 14+ years. Kristen advises cannabis companies on strategy. We discuss the questions she asks her clients, who should and shouldn’t get into cannabis and her overall thoughts on how cannabis will evolve.