A Cultivated Collection of Episodes containing Value for Cannabis Consumers

Hello Cannabis Consumers!
The Periodic effects Podcast is primarily focused on the business of cannabis in legal states. The majority of episodes contain deep insights for those already working in the cannabis industry, or those who are interested in entering it.

However, many episodes - such as our science-focused deep dives - contain gold nuggets of knowledge that any cannabis enthusiast can implement in their experimentations. We’ve compiled the most valuable episodes for Cannabis Consumers here to help you quickly find insights you can use today!

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Episode 54 - the endocannabinoid system
with dr. michele ross, ph.d.

Have you ever heard of the “Endocannabinoid System” in your body? If you said “no”, you’re far from alone! In this episode, Ph.D. Neuroscientist Dr. Michele Ross gives a scientific introduction to the largest signaling system in our body in easy-to-understand language, and explains how cannabis can help improve and support our health & wellness.

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Episode 50 - Cannabis science 101 (Part 1)
with Emma Chasen

In the first installment of our Cannabis Science 101 deep-dive, cannabis educator and consultant Emma Chasen gives an accessible primer on the basics of cannabis science, including cannabinoids, terpenes, Sativa vs. Indica, and many more important topics for cannabis consumers of any experience level.

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Episode 51 - cannabis science 101 (Part 2)
with Emma chasen

In the second installment of our Cannabis Science 101 deep-dive, cannabis educator and consultant Emma Chasen continues her lessons on the basics of cannabis science - this segment covers THC dosing recommendations, using cannabis for medicinal relief, and what questions to ask your budtender when looking for cannabis products of any kind.

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Episode 34 - cannabis as medicine: use & dosing
with emma chasen

In this science-focused episode, Emma Chasen is back to review a research paper co-authored by renowned cannabis researcher Dr. Ethan Russo for an in-depth look at how to administer cannabis for medical treatment, and what doses of different cannabinoids work best for medicinal applications.

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Episode 21 - Opioids, cannabis, and addiction
with dr. adie poe, ph.d.

Have you ever wondered if it’s accurate to call cannabis a “gateway drug”? Are you curious to learn what cannabis research looks like today, and how you can help advance it? Be sure to listen for answers to these questions in this episode with Dr. Adie Poe, Neuroscientist and Co-founder of Habu Health, a research initiative committed to compiling and analyzing cannabis experience data from everyday consumers like you!