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The Periodic Effects podcast focuses on the Business & Science of Cannabis.

Bringing you an insider look at cannabis business operators and the latest studies on cannabis science research. If you’re operating in the cannabis industry, a budtender looking to learn more, or a consumer wondering how cannabis can help you, this is the podcast for you!

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Wayne Schwind Periodic Edibles

Host Bio

Wayne Schwind graduated from Michigan Tech in 2010 with a degree in chemical engineering. Upon graduation he moved to Portland, Oregon, for a job in technical sales in the industrial water treatment industry. That role had a heavy focus on water chemistry and was a good primer for building a sales and general business skill set.

In 2015, Wayne left the corporate world and started Periodic Edibles [Pe], a cannabis infused caramel company. After 1.5 years in the medical market, Pe received its Oregon recreational license in early 2017. Since then, Wayne and the Periodic Team have gotten Pe into 200+ retail locations.

The Periodic Effects podcast was started to create a platform for Cannabis Education.

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