Cannabis Business

Pe122 Evolution of Cannabis Sales & Distribution

Sales and Distribution models aren’t new, but applying them to cannabis (legally) are. How does a brand get on the shelf? Then cultivate relationships and reputation? Then increase sell through rates? While being logistically efficient with distribution costs? Our guest is Alexi Cashen, CEO & Co-Founder of Elenteny Imports and we discuss those items while predicting the future of imports, exports and interstate commerce.

Pe121 Converting Digital Traffic to Foot Traffic

With Cannabis marketing being so restrictive, how do brands get creative and gain exposure? Our guest is Kirk Evans, Co-Founder of Sherpa, a digital marketing agency. We discuss insights for leveraging SEO and Websites to create foot traffic in dispensaries, along with other digital strategies for brands and product companies.

Pe118 Craft Cannabis Insights & What’s Wrong with Vaping Bans

A lot of insights in this episode. How small businesses can win as big money moves into cannabis. What’s wrong with the Vaping Crisis Bans. Defining “Craft Extracts” and what Dispensaries & Budtenders should consider for vape products on their shelves. Our guest is Mitra Sticklen, COO & Co-Owner of OM Extracts.

JOB OPPORTUNITY: OM Extracts & Farms is looking to hire in Southern Oregon, discussed at end of episode.

RESEARCH OPPORTUNITY: OM is also looking for Scientists interested in research projects, discussed at end of episode.

Pe116 Marketing a Sustainable Cannabis Farm

This episode has 2 Parts - 1. The story of building a business from scratch and the unknown unknowns that could take you out, 2. Insights on marketing cannabis flower & CPG products. Our guest is Julia Jacobson, CEO & Co-Founder of Aster Farms, a sustainable cannabis farm in Northern California who previously launched a Tech Company, went through TechStars incubator and then sold the business.

JOB OPPORTUNITY: Aster Farms is hiring for multiple positions, discussed at end of episode.