Cannabis Business

Pe113 Building Culture & Tribes for Business Success

The cannabis industry is evolving faster than ever and consumers have many options to choose from. Unless you want to compete on low price, there are other types of value you must provide as a business. Our guest is Max Simon, CEO & Founder of Green Flower Media, a cannabis education platform for universities, businesses and consumers. We discuss what Max learned working with Deepak Chopra on building a community of raving fans & loyal customers.

JOB OPPORTUNITY: Green Flower is hiring for multiple positions, discussed at end of episode.

Pe108 Social Consumption & Future of Budtending

While the role of “Budtender” is relatively new, the role of Budtending at Social Consumption Events is even newer. The future of social consumption and budtending in general is still unknown. Our guest is Andrew Mieure, Founder of Top Shelf Budtending, and we discuss how budtending could evolve, different segments of budtending and why this new pillar of “social consumption” will strongly influence the cannabis industry.

JOB OPPORTUNITY: Top Shelf Budtending is looking to hire in multiple States, discussed at end of episode.

Pe106 International Research on Cannabis

Research on the Science of Cannabis is expanding quickly. While new discoveries are being made faster than ever, how these new findings will be integrated into commercial cannabis products is a new frontier.

We discuss the past, present and future research & studies that will shape the future of cannabis with our guest Jahan Marcu, Director of Experimental Pharmacology and Behavioral Research at

Pe103 Insider Insights on Michigan Cannabis

Michigan recently released Emergency Rules for their cannabis recreational program. There’s a lot of uncertainty in MI and every State that transitions to a rec program. We discuss the new rec rules, the state of the MI cannabis market, how Hemp & CBD are being handled and what options small scale businesses have.

Our guest is the Owner & Managing Attorney of Scott Roberts Law. Check out Scott’s Blog & Content HERE.

Pe102 Cannabis Science, Merchandising & Best in Class Budtenders

How do Dispensaries take the leading cannabis science and connect it to merchandising and sales? How can Budtenders communicate the science to consumers for the best experience possible? What strategies lead to repeat customers and word-of-mouth marketing? We answer those questions and more with our guest Andrea Sparr-Jaswa, Director of Education at Farma, a dispensary in Portland, Oregon.

JOB OPPORTUNITY: Farma [Careers] is always looking for compassionate and curious team members, discussed at end of episode.