Job Opportunities from Podcast Guests

All of these are discussed with guest in episode.
If you’re looking to enter or find a new opportunity in Cannabis…

1. You can learn if the Company & Culture is a good fit for you before applying.

2. You can Stand Out from the Crowd by connecting your skills to what the company is looking for in your email & cover letter.

If you apply, say you discovered them on the Periodic Effects podcast for bonus points :)

Pe118 recorded on 10/10/19
Jobs in Southern Oregon

OM Extracts is currently hiring for their hemp farm (no OLCC worker’s permit needed!) and will be hiring for their cannabis operation in the future. OM is also looking for cannabis research partners, so scientists working in cannabis and looking for research projects should contact them as well. Discussed at end of episode with details on how to apply.

Pe116 recorded on 8/23/19
Jobs in California

Aster Farms is hiring for sales and marketing positions. Discussed at end of episode with details on how to apply.

Pe114 recorded on 9/10/19
Jobs in California

Kiva is hiring for sales, distribution, marketing and finance roles. Discussed at end of episode with details on how to apply.

Pe113 recorded on 9/11/19
Jobs in California

Green Flower Media is hiring for content producers, business development and for CTO. Discussed at end of episode with details on how to apply.

Pe108 recorded on 8/14/19
Jobs in multiple Rec legal States

Top Shelf Budtending, an elite budtender/ hospitality company focused on social consumption events, are looking to bring people on their team in multiple States, discussed at end of episode.

Pe107 recorded on 8/7/19
Jobs in Los Angeles, California
Ghost Vapes, a vaporizer technology company, is hiring, discussed at end of episode.

Pe102 recorded on 6/28/19
Jobs in Portland, Oregon

Farma, a dispensary in Portland, is always taking resumes for compassionate and curious people, discussed at end of episode.

Pe101 recorded on 6/27/19
Job in Bend, Oregon

Juniper Analytics is looking to fill a Lab Analyst position, discussed at end of episode.

Pe099 recorded on 6/19/19
Jobs can work remotely

Magical Butter is hiring for graphic designers and creatives, discussed at end of the episode. If you’re interested, reach out to Iram using the email he gives in the podcast.

Pe091 recorded on 4/25/19
Jobs in Scottsdale, AZ

Kind Roots is continuing to grow and may be looking to hire for multiple positions soon. Discussed at end of episode.

Pe089 recorded on 4/5/19
Jobs in Bay Area and Southern California

Andrea Brooks at her team at SAVA are quickly growing and hiring for multiple roles as they continue to expand their services. Check out their jobs page to learn more at

Pe088 recorded on 4/2/19
Jobs in Colorado

Morris Beegle is hiring for support as his Hemp Expos continue to grow. He also knows other companies (through the Expos) that are looking for Sales Reps & Marketing Managers. Contact Morris with your interests from his website at

Pe085 recorded on 2/27/19
Job could be in multiple States
Sarah Remesch at New Highs CBD is looking to hire for Brand Ambassadors and Sales positions. Reach out to Sarah at if you’re interested.