E063 Science of Cannabis Series_09

Another great conversation with Emma Chasen on the Science of Cannabis. We discuss some new topics and go deeper on previously discussed topics like industrial hemp versus craft hemp, what CBD-A could do for people and why THC-A could be an amazing add on to CBD for consumers wanting the medicinal benefits without getting high.

E061 How to Design your Cannabis Facility

Conversation with Sam Andras, President of MJ12 Design Studio, an architecture firm focused on cannabis cultivation and processing facilities. We discuss what sets successful projects apart from the failures and how to plan up front to avoid costly and potentially fatal errors later down the road.

MJ12 Design Studio is hiring and looking for partners, discussed at end of episode.

E060 Bootstrapping a Cannabis Company

1 year Podcast Anniversary! We passed the 365 day mark, so we decided to do something different for this episode. Rachel, Periodic Edibles Operations Manager, interviews Wayne, your host and the Founder of Periodic Edibles. We discuss how Wayne started the edibles business, what it was like transitioning from the medical to recreational market and why team culture is a major focus for Periodic Edibles. Wayne also answers some questions submitted by listeners :)

E059 The Power of Brand Story

Really enjoyed this talk with Brad Bogus, VP of Marketing for Confident Cannabis. We discuss Brad’s past experience at the Denver Post as GM of The Cannabist. Along with the communication strategy Brad is using to increase Confident’s market place brand awareness. We also interviewed the CEO of Confident Cannabis in Episode E058.

HIRING, Brad is looking to hire in Marketing as they grow, discussed in episode :)