Cannabis Lab

E058 Bringing Transparency to Cannabis

Good talk with CEO and Co-Founder, Steve Albarran of Confident Cannabis, a platform for lab results like potency, terpenes and pesticides to be effectively exchanged between producers, processors and retailers. They will soon roll out a wholesale B2B purchasing platform integrated with compliant lab results tied to products. We discuss how Steve started the company, their team culture and predictions for what the future will look like.

HIRING, Steve and Confident Cannabis are looking to hire as they grow, job posting link

E001 Eric Wendt, Chief Science Officer at Green Leaf Lab

After a 15 minute introduction about the podcast, Wayne talks with Eric from Green Leaf Lab, a cannabis testing facility based in Portland, Oregon. They discuss Eric's background and journey into the cannabis industry, the current state of affairs, how to adapt to ever changing regulations and how Green Leaf Labs operates its business. JOB OPPORTUNITY: In the podcast Eric puts out a request to listeners with backgrounds in science that might be interested to work in the cannabis industry.