Cannabis Marketing

Pe107 How you Consume Cannabis Matters

We’ve talked a lot about the science of cannabis and predicting effects, cannabinoids and terpenes matter, but how cannabis is consumed also greatly influences the effects you experience. Our guest is Collier Hansen, Marketing Lead at Ghost Vapes. We discuss the next frontier of vaporizer technology and science with marketing and branding insights for cannabis companies.

JOB OPPORTUNITY: Ghost Vapes is hiring in LA, discussed at end of episode.

Pe100 Cannabis Business & Science Insights

Episode #100 :) Thank you for listening and supporting us along the way! We did something different for this episode. We pulled 20 clips from 20 different episodes that we thought provided great insights and value for the cannabis industry.

Please share, forward, text or email this one to a friend or colleague that should listen to the Periodic Effects podcast! Cheers to the next 100 :)

Pe099 The Future of Cannabis Marketing

How will the future of marketing be different than the past? Do you know who your customers are and how they could be different than your consumers. The Cannabis Industry is in a unique position to innovate in marketing and branding! With more limitations than regular CPG brands, cannabis brands will have to innovate to succeed as traditional advertising channels are not available.

Our guest is Iram Cesani, the Digital Marketing Manager for Magical Butter. JOB OPPORTUNITY: Iram is looking for Graphic Designers & Creatives, with ability to work remotely, discussed at end of episode.

Pe098 Cannabis Design, Science & Entrepreneurship

This episode covers Cannabis Design, Science, Branding and Digital Marketing. We discuss the issues in researching cannabis science online, how design can be used to clarify your message and what digital marketing strategies can be used to find your ideal customer. Our guest is Charlie McElroy, Founder & Creative Officer of Goldleaf.