Cannabis Education

Pe113 Building Culture & Tribes for Business Success

The cannabis industry is evolving faster than ever and consumers have many options to choose from. Unless you want to compete on low price, there are other types of value you must provide as a business. Our guest is Max Simon, CEO & Founder of Green Flower Media, a cannabis education platform for universities, businesses and consumers. We discuss what Max learned working with Deepak Chopra on building a community of raving fans & loyal customers.

JOB OPPORTUNITY: Green Flower is hiring for multiple positions, discussed at end of episode.

Pe111 Vaping Crisis with Emma Chasen part_1

Numbers for illnesses and deaths possibly caused by vaping are increasing. Why this is happening has yet to be fully discovered. Our guest is Emma Chasen of Eminent Consulting, we discuss an overview of reported cases, science of potential causes, current regulations on cartridge ingredients and other key points for clarity on what is happening with vaping.

Pe110 How Nurses & Family Doctors can Suggest Cannabis

Cannabis is being used for many different ailments and new studies are constantly coming out! However, how Nurses and Family Doctors can recommend cannabis is a grey area as it’s still federally illegal. Our guest is Barbara Blaser, R.N. and Clinical Director at Magnolia Wellness. We discuss how those roles can talk about cannabis, a process for safely suggesting how a patient could use cannabis and what Budtenders can say when talking to medical patients.

Resources from episode: American Cannabis Nurses Association and Cannabis Nurses Network

Pe109 Cannabis for Dementia, Brain Health & Older Adults

The Science of Cannabis is evolving quickly, and new discoveries are showing its use as a neuroprotectant in preventing and possibly reversing Dementia in Older Adults. It seems like the group of people that can be helped the most by cannabis also have the most stigma they must overcome. Our guest is Linda Jacobson, Founder of Elders Together and we discuss how cannabis is one of the keys that may allow us to live a quality life past the age of 120.

Resources from episode, Project CBD & Americans for Safe Access