Cannabis Education

E046 Who is the Cannabis Consumer?

Insightful talk with Linda Gilbert, Managing Director of BDS Analytics, a data-driven company offering cannabis consumer insights. We discuss who the average cannabis consumer is, how different states vary in their demographics and what products are working in the cannabis industry.

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E045 Science of Cannabis Series_08

Informative talk with Mary, Founder of Sativa Science Club and Jason, Editor in Chief of Terpenes and Testing Magazine. We go deep down the science rabbit hole! We talk terpenes, minor cannabinoids, why strain names mean nothing relative to predicting effects and how people can participate in the cannabis research revolution!!

Brands Mentioned: Phylos Bioscience, Gold Leaf Journal, RJ Lee Group, Habu Health (citizen science research)

E044 Marijuana Venture Editor in Chief

Really enjoyed this talk with Garrett Rudolph, Editor in Chief from Marijuana Venture, a trade magazine for cannabis professionals. We get into the back story of how the magazine got started, what Garrett sees working (and not working) in the industry and how he sees the landscape evolving.

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E043 Building the Future of Cannabis

Loved this talk with Anya Gordon, CEO of GroTec! GroTec is a contract builder for grow operations and dispensaries. Anya has great industry insight from working with companies in multiple states and internationally. She brought a lot to the table for this conversation and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

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E042 Ed Rosenthal, The Guru of Ganja

Honored to interview Ed Rosenthal, a pioneer in the cannabis industry! Ed wrote for High Times in the 80s and 90s. He has written multiple books on cannabis cultivation, processing, extracts, concentrates and has sold over 1 Million copies. Ed is releasing a follow-up book to Beyond Buds, a guide to Marijuana Extracts and Cannabis Infusions.

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